Dancing Against Illness – Two Friends and Hip-Hop

Dancing Against Illness – Two Friends and Hip-Hop

Arte Re 2019 Hendrik Heuermann and Franklyn Kakyire share a common passion: hip-hop dance. However, the two friends face very different challenges. For Hendrik, dancing is part of his fight against a previously incurable nervous disease. He is threatened with life in...
Croatia –The Truffle Hunter’s Paradise

Croatia –
The Truffle Hunter’s Paradise

Arte 360° – GEO Report Dense clouds of mist herald autumn in northern Istria. It’s the middle of September. The rare white truffle is now ripening in the damp mixed forests in the heart of the country. The most important time of the year begins for Visnja...
Adios Torero?

Adios Torero?

Spain’s Bullfighting Dispute Arte 2017 The dispute over Spain’s bullfighting divides the country. For the proponents, the cultural heritage is a tradition worth protecting and an important economic factor. On the other hand, for animal rights activists, it...
Lisbon –Fado, Delicatessen and Flamingos

Lisbon –
Fado, Delicatessen and Flamingos

Picturesque alleys, magnificent palaces and always a fresh breeze from the Atlantic. The seafaring has made Lisbon prosperous. Innovation in Cans Colorful variety of oil sardines: Tiago Ferreira is launching a Lisbon small shop of canned fish. Portugal’s...
The Azores –The High in the Atlantic

The Azores –
The High in the Atlantic

NDR mare TV 2017 The Azores: The Portuguese archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic with its nine islands can hardly be surpassed in terms of scenic diversity. Deep black lava beaches, volcanic basins with azure blue crater lakes, hot mineral springs, rushing...