Adios Torero?

Spain’s Bullfighting Dispute

Arte 2017

The dispute over Spain’s bullfighting divides the country. For the proponents, the cultural heritage is a tradition worth protecting and an important economic factor. On the other hand, for animal rights activists, it is cruel to animals and no longer fits into modern society. Opponents clash on the street and in the arena – an increasingly tangible conflict.

Script and Direction: Maria-Christina Degen
Camera: René Dame / Andreas Nebeling
Editor: Sascha Zimmermann
Production Assistant: Niklas Rathsmann
Production Manager: Susanne Zimmermann
Producer: Michael Fräntzel
Editor: Miriam Carbe
Producer: Stephan Lamby / ECO Media TV-Produktion GmbH

Oscar del Castillo is the founder of the anti-bullfighting organization Gladiadores por la paz. The self-proclaimed “peace fighter” regularly storms bullfighting events. He and his supporters are protesting on the streets of Madrid and preparing a big runabout in Spain’s most famous arena, Plaza Uno Las Ventas. With their actions, the animal rights activists want to achieve a ban on the bloody spectacle. Oscar del Castillo even incurs punishments and imprisonment for his efforts.

For the aficionados – the advocates – that goes too far. The life of the former bullfighter Paulo Brazuna Gonçalves and his wife Alfi is all about bullfighting. Their son wants to continue the tradition. Since he was very young, 13-year-old Alfonso Ferreira has only one dream: he wants to become a famous bullfighter, like his father. For the animal rights activist Oscar del Castillo, this is incomprehensible.